Encountering two worlds and times that are clashing, interlacing and transforming each other.

IN…SE…-dawning- is a music theatre work for voices, gamelan, and dancers, with duration of 120 minutes. The piece is based on the tale of Bima Suci’s quest for the holy water, which originates from the Indian epic of Mahabharata embracing its characters, virtues, and allegories. Additionally, the work is closely connected to the concept of Sekala & Niskala, which in Balinese culture stand for the visible and invisible worlds that co-exist in every day’s life, rites and rituals of Bali.

The piece weaves the story of Bima, one of the Pandawa brothers, and Ida, a woman from a present time. As Bima is sent off on a quest by Brahmana, Ida is oppressed by her surrounding to live in a way that clashes with her wishes and desires. Bima’s determination to find the holy water is corresponding to Ida’s desire to find the “mission” of her life, which she felt instinctively since she was a child. Both of them are passing the “rites of passages”, encountering near-death experiences that transform them into new chapters of the existence. Bima’s struggles from the ancient myth are presented in a parallel dimension with those of Ida, connected through the mystical threads, sharing the paths of learning and willingness to evolve beyond boundaries of mundane affairs.

The libretto and audiovisual context are combined to create a mythic atmosphere throughout the piece, connecting the audience with universal values and underlining the human conditions of our time. The work highlights the inner process and conflicts of the protagonists, inviting the audience to a subconscious contemplation, where they would identify themselves with the main characters who are accompanying them throughout this inner journey.

The vision of the performance is to suggest an atmosphere similar to a ritual / a sacred happening, where light and dark meet in relative terms and meanings in a space in which transformations are taking place.

Following this vision, the setting of the performance is in a circular shape, with all the musicians, performers and singers surrounding the audience. The intention is to create a ground where performers and audiences are fused into a single entity, where together they undergo a mental, physical and psychological journey.

Ida and Bima are both on the breaking points in their lives, where the actions and decisions need to be done in order to fulfill their quests, either in finding a reason of living or accomplishing the task they were given. The theme of death is seen as a point of transformative power that gives the lessons and encounters with the essence of Life. Determination of the characters is coming from the mystery that nobody else can solve but themselves walking on the paths unknown. Connected by the threads of relative Space and Time, these two characters are encountering each other, inspiring and motivating each other for changing, awakening the strength and lightness.